Car Service Centre in Telsiai

Repairs of bodies and chassis of cars and minibuses


JSC “Taigete” was established in 1993. It has 17 qualified employees. Its main activity is to repair bodies of cars and minibuses and to provide technical servicing for them. We use the laser system CEMB BWA1000 to restore geometry of cars’ chassis and wheels. In order to restore geometry of bodies, the installation systems CHARK and CAR-O-LINER are used. They help to restore geometry in accordance with the parameters indicated by the car’s manufacturer. We use the paints and accessories of the Dutch company “Akzo Nobel” – “Sikkens” to prepare and paint the bodies of cars.

Services of the Car Service Centre

  • Insurance services

  • Repairs of insured vehicles, execution of documents on damage

  • Technical servicing of vehicles

  • Repairs of vehicles’ chassis

  • Reconstruction of geometry of vehicle’s wheel axes

  • Reconstruction of geometry of vehicle’s body

  • Measurement of geometry of body and wheels for expertise, issuance of certificate

  • Regulation of lamps

Our main partners, to whom we provide services

Reconstruction of body’s geometry

Kėbulo geometrijos matavimas

Preparation of bodies

Reconstruction of wheels’ geometry – repairs of chassis


Taigetė, JSC

Mažeikių str. 2, Telšiai
87101, Lithuania

Work hours

I-V 8:00-17:00


Gintaras Jonavičius
+370 699 49353